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Fricken End of 2010

Fri Dec 24, 2010, 1:50 PM
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Probably the fastest year to date in terms of flying by.

Which is cool.

Done with year one at Ai of Colorado. Finished with a full year of kickass grades. Gonna try and keep that up for the next and last.

Gonna be uploading some more of my school projects soon. I plan to also do more comic book work if not illustration type things. Got many many ideas now that my skills and ideas have been flourishing.

I hope to also do some more fanwork. Been itching to draw some inspirational characters for some time now. Updates will be more regular because...

I know have a subscription. Someone got a bit clever and got me one. <3 I'll be making it worth the time and effort to make this page more awesome to browse. Slowly.

Hope everyone's having an awesome holiday time! Eatin' all them foods.


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It only took me five years to obtain that. xD

Finals are these next two weeks. Then I'm heading home for a few days. Then school again after Easter.

This next quarter is more nose-in-book. Which I'm actually kinda pleased to have for eleven weeks.

Not much else to report other then that I've been itching to do some drawing. One day. D<

***Edit: All you who got your Pokemon today and don't have school/job/anything constructive to do... I hate you. Don't play where I can see you. I'll kill you.
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It passed last week. About time.

But this means finals are just a few weeks away.


One final involves giving my soul so I should be hopefully after the quarter is over.

Though I've been saying that since late 2006.
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So a lot has changed and went on since mid-October.

To start off with, school is everything I imagined it'd be. It's challenging, time consuming, and varies in the fun level. It's taking up all free time I've got. Hense the larger lack of posted art. I know I've been bitching about why I don't post, but this I can't get out of.

My tablet also broke not long ago and I just got a new one. I didn't realize how dependant I became to such an object. I felt like I couldn't go on drawing without it. My scanner's also starting to malfunction as well.

I also lost the shit-head I've been with for three and a half years. It didn't make me spiral into a void of depression and dispair. Infact, it woke me back up to the person I was three and a half years ago. The individual that didn't dress the way I was forced, didn't talk the way I was told to, and all these other fun things I didn't want to do.

Moving to Colorado to create a permanent residence (for 3 years) was a huge twist to things. For a good portion of my life, I thought I was going to be working at a department store in Wyoming and just drawing for fun. Now that I'm in Colorado and in college, those dreams of a full time job in the art department are fastly comming back.

So things have been good so far. I've been starting to consider uploading just sketches since that's as far as I get these days, but you can't even see them with the dimming of my scanner. I'll think of something.
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This is the first time using a Mac. Life without "right click" options is terrible.

But things have been busy. Ever since I landed in Denver I've been really contemplating and paying attention to things around me. There's a lot of good here, but the air is so dry I was pretty dead the first few days. The coughing up blood has subsided. I drink about 64 oz of water to keep up with not fainting everywhere.

Setting that aside, I still frustrate trying to do anything artistic. So far the time in the air was the only real time I had. With not being able to draw since January... My style has changed dramatically in my own perspective. I can't tell if it's upsetting or not.

The open house for Ai is Saturday. This is probably the most important reason for this trip. I might make a journal about it since it will be what makes me choose what the hell the rest of the year will be like. I really doubt I'll be going back to doing requests though. I've been too caught up in my own life finally to think about what others would like to see from me.

Denver smells like food. It smells like either someone is either having a barbeque or they're having tacos. That's downtown though. I live kitty-corner from this long street plaza.

I also met Kiguri's twin. I thought the real thing was talking to me. It was an odd feeling. Kiguri doesn't have a twin. But if she did, this girl would be it. American cuss words, makeup and all.

The open house was a huge twist. I went to the main building expecting to know that Graphic Design was where I needed to be. Then I get to the campus tour and find out that Animation is where I really should be. It was a long overdue visit but getting that far out of state is difficult. Especially with our weather; you never know what's going to happen the next day.

If I play my cards right, I'll be back in school by July. A lot of financial business is still waiting to be talked about so that could determine if I can afford it or not.
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Next week. Sad but excited as usual...

During my stay, Jayd's birthday passed the twenty-seventh of this month. He's getting old, but he will always look young. I usually have a picture celebrating his birthday but I don't this time. To be honest he's like my New Years in the art department. Since it all started with him. Each time October 27th comes around I think back now ten years what I've done and it feels like a revolution each year.

In that sense. These last couple years I spent doing art for a few Gaians on GaiaOnline. And I must thank them because they are alway so supportive and awsome. They help me try to test my skills to the fullest and they arn't scared to hear I want to try something new with what they pay me.

Also, I must thank two friends. Law and Marla. You two are stupendous. This last year has been so horrible in the sense of family and personal life wise and you both helped me keep my head from falling off my shoulders. If both of you were gone, I might have slipped into madness. I swear. xD

Alot of new things approached me in my stay this last time... Some proud of, some not so proud of. If to put it in this last year... I feel I've experienced too much of everything. Hopefully next year will be better and easier to handle. xD

I'll be able to post art the moment I get back. Which I'll have alot to share with my creation of a new character. <3

*Note: I saw this new meme. It's called the OST Meme [For OC's]. Being the music whore... I'm much pondering on compiling as many of these as possible. But who should I start with?

I have over 12 characters. All of them which I can create a good 20+ soundtrack and an album cover.

Edit: Got all the music down, now I gotta get all artistic.
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I failed my driving test. Again.


That's all.

(I would change the mood thinger but it takes too long to load.)
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Thinkin' of trying to get my license soon.

Also going to be out of town for awhile.

Weather still not in our favor.

Life's intense.
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I better see some Felicity when I get back from being out of MT.

Oh and for everyone else...

I've been drawing. I'm just not drawing things that I want on DA.

Been working on panel stuff.

I'll be gone for awhile again.
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Ok. I want to see more deviations, less journal entries. I haven't faved anything awsome because no one posts awsome. Just all talk. If you have time to rant about how busy your life is, you have time to draw. xD

Tis the birthday... And... It didn't turn out the way it should have. *rolls back on bed to sob and shoot more people.*
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Again I ripped out another many of the deviations that I got tired of seeing.

Incase you were wondering...

I just didn't like them anymore. They were "No Longer Desired".

I had an awakening that I completely suck at penning some subjects so I might take a league of studying penning other things other then clothes like my art teacher thought was so important.

I'm out of black pens and patience for my "roomates" as to why there hasn't been much to put up yet.
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That I don't want.

I keep ending up visiting the hospital for whatever bodily failure my body can force on itself. But I think I'll be home for awhile this time. Just not physically and mentally well enough for anything artistic.

Family issues are comming up again, it's that time of year.

I need to get out of here. Really bad.
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Well well well. I think I can leave for a lil while without worrying about my deviations.

I come back and find more people coloring my stuff. This is really, really beginning to piss me off real bad. If you people want colored I'll spend the extra ten hours to do so just so you people knock it off.

So, I won't be back for awhile yet. Just was checking to see if anyone posted on my last journal.

You people out there that save linework and color and post it in your gallery without so much as a warning should still have all your plumbing water changed to hot grease.

Been brainstorming ideas of comic pages since I can't animate. I'm losing interest in drawing them the more I see people coloring them for me without asking. I just want to get out my ideas of Zeph's world and how Juze and him don't like one another daily.

Vika, I saw you online and missed you. God damn it anyway. Better luck next time.

Keep it real Mr. A.
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After recovering from being disgustingly sick... And looking through my messages...

80% of you should be off of my watch list.
I'm going to be out of art service for awhile.

Too personal.

I'll be back on it soon.
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It's been awhile since I posted so much within a small amount of time. I'm kinda excited for myself.

And so I keep deleting crap on my page. Seeing my older stuff makes me alil ill in the head and stomach...

Hoping to keep this artistic streak on... Just had to express myself. Again. I was watching my gallery stats and it's been an eternity since I've had so many comments and faves. But the thing I noticed the most is how often I used to submit something. I got on this thought that I should only submit things that looked ok to me. Which is almost nothing.

I won't dare to do requests yet though. Nothing ever turned out the way the person wanted.

Kinda in the mood to draw some Quake pictures now. Too bad it's midnight.
Brown. Almost at the halfway point.

The reason for the major silence is quite simple if you've been on my msn list in the past or read a few past journal entries. Picking a college is still becoming a tough desicion; I've decided to wait a year after I'm on my own to go, more financial help y'know?. Otherwise it could be Denver, yes Jmk, Denver.

As to my recent visit in NY it went ok. Decided to drop the small scholarship to Pratt Institute for the Arts as I took the campus tour. It isn't all it cracked up to be, I'd shoot myself paying for all them classes. 12 thousand dollars a semester without the housing etc payments included. NY wasn't all glamourous. I was meerely killed by the polution next to NJ on the harbor. I would have to hide somewhere in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden or Montauk beach to get away from that thick muggy air.

On that note my sibling Tye, whom lives in NY, is deciding to move right where I want to in the future, Denver. Ouch.

I've been in a fanart and request frenzy for the past month. I realized I can't draw Bleach for crap as well as Naruto. I'd hate to post alot of Sailor Moon and DBZ work again like I did in the past. ... Bleach is coming out in english this month...

The reason for the deadness of my art and such is the constant travel/work. It's almost over and I might be back to things in the winter. I was truly surprised with all the responses to the ID, thank you all for your comments. They are one of the best motivations to keep coming back here is those I knew since the start.
Three weeks to go. Out with school, in with the farmwork.

Lately the computer has been going through an odd phase to make it very difficult to post any kind of work I've been doing. It's either really slow or it just doesn't open, the site that is. I don't know when it's going to end but you're all not missing much anyways.

School projects and keeping grades good is taking alot of my free time away which is ok because I'd rather have good grades over that.

Right after school's end I go to New York for two weeks at the most. I might be a victum of John Stewart's cast of the Daily Show but it hasn't quite been decided yet. I will be seeing a real ballet accompanied by an orchestra so I'm all for that. I have also got the privlage to visit a five story book store to seek out Spanish text books, manga, and do it yourself violin lesson handbooks. I might not get the violin but I'm hopping to. It has been kinda an inside dream that few even realize that I've wanted to play one just as much as I draw someone playing the same instrument. More or less the trip was to seek out colleges and see what I'm going to be up against. Might spend an extensive time in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well.

After that back to the lovely schedual of waking up, working, drawing going to bed routine. I can't wait... Somewhat.

Where the hell is your work Lee? I want blood.